Me and my little love Lennie.  Photo by Eva Grace Photography

Me and my little love Lennie. Photo by Eva Grace Photography

Why I chose Naturopathic MEdicine

This was always a tough question for me, I find it really challenging to sum my answer up in a simple explanation.  There wasn't a particularly influential experience that put me on this path, it was more of a gradual shift into this career.

There were lots of little things I can think of that made me curious about natural medicine.  I was always intrigued by natural remedies, and the healing traditions that get passed on between family and friends.  I love knowing that I have the capacity to heal myself, and change my health for the better.  

As I continue to learn, and experience more in my own life, I have a better understanding of all the components that contribute to our sense of wellbeing and health.  I'm particularly interested in how our perspective on ourselves, and our environment affects the symptoms we outwardly show.  I enjoy learning how to take better care of myself, and really look forward to being able to support people in their own capacity to create positive change in the way they experience themselves, and their state of health.

This blog will contain posts on a range of topics that inspire me to live well, healthy and happily.  I hope that you will enjoy this information too!  Please feel free to contact me with any comments, interests, or questions.  If you'd like to know more about me, click here or check out this blog post.  Happy reading!